Chariot International's primary manufacturing facility is strategically located on the outskirts of Bangalore, enabling a proximity to most of the South's quarries and ports. Similarly, we have exclusive associations with several other manufacturing plants throughout the nation at no extra cost, yet enabling us to reduce significant transportation costs and time incurred.

Our offices are globally stretched from Poland, Serbia, UK, Germany, and the U.S.A., including countless agents throughout. Ensuring that all our partners are engaged regularly and attended to with comprehensive support.

Furthermore, through our franchise efforts we engage with exclusive affiliations abroad in order to acquire a presence in expanding our reach, and subsequently gaining valuable insights of the area and its people.

  • New Slab Factory coming in Hyderabad
  • New Tile Factory up and running in Malur, Karnataka
  • Customs Bonded Warehouse

Our unique business model is more eloquently illustrated in our brochures, which are available for download here.

Strict Cost-Control

Chariot is committed to excellence of perfection in product quality, customer relations and cost management. In addition to the savings from our unique business model, customers also benefit from many other steps we have taken to reduce costs. For example, while most Indian exporters focus on selling to the developed markets because of higher margins, Chariot has worked hard to develop strong customer relations in developing countries in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. These customers are often very price-sensitive and are specifically looking for product with different consistencies.. Thus, when our inspectors notice that a slab or tile is not fit for export to the developed markets, they are quite happy to remove that item because we have other customers who are looking for exactly that material. This allows us to maximize effective recoveries and reduce our costs. (Most importantly, we have no temptation to export sub-standard product.)

Chariot also owns India's only customs-bonded warehouse, which is located less than one mile from the Inland Container Depot, leading to our slabs and tiles are all pre-inspected by Indian customs and do not need to go through another rigorous inspection prior to shipping. The customs-bonded warehouse and pre-inspection of products results in time and cost savings that benefit our customers.

Quality, Quality, Quality

We can say it 14 times!!! As that is the number of separate inspections each slab undergoes before we ship it. Yes, we do in fact use 14 separate inspection checklists for quality assurances at each stage of the product -from quarry to processing to packing & finally loading

Quarry Selection

  • First Quality Blocks from modern mechanized quarries (Greater recoveries without undue expense)
  • Trained & Experienced inspectors detailing and gaining every advantage on availability and consistency.
  • Close Proximity to majority of quarries (Reducing transportation costs)

Best Factories

  • Imported Italian machinery (Gaspari Gang Saw,Pellegrini Wire Saw,Breton Line Polisher, Pedrini 56 Multi-Blade tile cutter & many more). All original parts.

Unique 3 Point Inspection (Separate Inspectors)

  • Uncompromising attention to detail from Block (Per Sq.Ft rata safeguarding towards defects)
  • Polishing calibrated smoothness guarantee
  • Warehouse delivery

Customer Checklists

  • Ensures product is shipped exceeds customer's expectation. (Thus, each product actually goes through 15 inspections before shipment -14 Chariot inspections and one inspection based on the customer's checklist)

Tiles Polishing Line

Warehouse Infrastructure

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